Fall Color

I know it is cliche, but I absolutely LOVE fall colors. It is amazing how nature turns death into something so stunning and beautiful. There is always that period of time where so many trees are bright and beautiful with color right before they fall off. It is a short period of time, but it is such a memorable time of the year. Since there are so many trees to admire with so many beautiful leaves, I decided to isolate this one leaf as to appreciate the colors in itself rather than it blending with the rest of fall. Each fall leaf is very unique and different with many different combinations of colors, but it is impossible to observe each individual beauty. So here is a leaf that I have emphasized against the rest of the fall season.




Here I have created some grids, each unique in their own way. I had a lot of fun compositing and arranging these photos in different ways until I placed them in a way that was pleasing to me. I think that this is a project that I will do again maybe later on in the year.